The Heldannic Order

“Yes, those Knights are all right in my book, and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t have a copper’s worth of a head.”
Dominique Chattingham, Darokinian Merchant

“See what they do in the name of their precious Vanya. Is there fraternité? Equalité? Liberté?"
Jean-Claude Sartr, Glantrian wizard and Aide-du-champ at Ylourgne, to a political studies class at the Great School of Magic

The Heldannic Code:


The Twenty Articles of the Code are listed in decreasing order of importance and priority.

Devotion: A brother must honor Our
Lady Vanya and none other than Our
Most Gracious Guide, and in every way
support Her Purpose. Brother Knights
and brother priests must display Her
Symbol at all times, clearly and
Order: A brother must abjure and
shun all portents and cohorts of Chaos,
and cleanse the Order from its baneful
Obedience: A brother must obey
Commanders of the Order immediately
and without question as long as the
Devotion to Our Lady Vanya and the
Order are preserved.


Loyalty: A brother must hold fidelity
to the Order above and beyond his own
life and well-being. A brother must never
permit harm to come directly or
indirectly to a fellow brother and the
Discipline: A brother must never
break rank or abandon a post, or cause
harm to the Brotherhood through lack of
attention or dereliction of duty.
Bravery: A brother must endeavor to
show courage and boldness in combat, so
long as Obedience and Discipline are
Respect: A brother must show all
due deference to commanders, to
companions, and to The Law, in words
and behavior, and shun any and all


Self-sacrifice: A brother must
entrust his life and well-being to Our
Most Gracious Guide to protect the
Order, a fellow brother, and the honor of
Our Lady Vanya’s name.
Humility: A brother must show humbleness in words and behavior to all
in the Order, for no mortal is fully worthy
in the eyes of Our Lady Vanya.
Virtue: A brother must never envy,
cheat, lie to, or steal from a fellow
brother, wager, play games of chance, or
pursue frivolous goals.
Cleanliness: A brother must
endeavor to remain clean in body, in
clothing and in arms so as not to soil or
damage the Order’s property and
Achievement: A brother must never
offer or accept material goods or services
in order to gain or entitle another brother
to a greater standing in the Order.
Poverty: A brother must neither seek
nor conceal from the Order any material
wealth. Temporal goods must be
conferred to the Order for the benefit of
Abstinence: A brother must steer
clear of the tyranny of hard beverages
and unhealthy substances corrupting the
body and the mind.
Frugality: A brother must shun
gluttony and all excesses so body and
mind remain healthy, robust, and alert as
shown by Our Most Gracious Guide.
Hard Work: A brother must labor at
all times for the benefit of all, for it is
through one’s hardship that spring forth
power and prosperity.
Chastity: A brother knight or a
brother priest must resist the temptation
of mortal flesh for it engenders Chaos
and peril to the Order.
Celibacy: A brother must devote his
time, thoughts, and efforts on this mortal
world to Our Lady of Vanya, and shun
matrimony and affairs of the heart.
Restraint: A brother must not act in
anger, or in revenge, or in provocation for
therein lie the seeds of Chaos and
Duty to the People: A brother
must protect any and all subjects of the
Heldannic Territories in danger of falling
before Spawns of Chaos.

The Heldannic Order

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